Anyone Can Scan Documents.  We Can Help You Organize and Find Them Too.

The scanning of archival large format drawings and documents can seem like a daunting task.  There are thousands of drawings that all contain vital information to your day to day operations.  In today’s electronic workflow, scanning them is the right thing to do.  The conversion of paper documents to electronic files will improve how your documents are utilized on a daily bases. 

In order to properly plan and implement a strategy to convert drawings to electronic, many things must be taken into account.


  • Why are you scanning your drawings to electronic files?
  • How are you going to name your electronic files so you can organize them?
  • What system is in place to find them, share them, and print them when needed?

At Kal-Blue we offer a complete turn-key solution that will help you answer those questions.  We have years of electronic file experience helping clients name, organize, and find your files.