Bluebeam vs. Adobe

Bluebeam Revu is a desktop application that combines an intuitive PDF editor, viewer, markup and collaboration technology with reliable file creation.  Revu goes beyond PDF and takes paperless workflows to a whole new level.  Bluebeam's PDF solutions are easier to use, robust in features, and more affordable than Adobe Acrobat.


Why is Bluebeam Better?


1) Toolchest

Largely considered the defining feature of Bluebeam.  Only Revu offers the ability to create your own markups and then save them to use again and again or share with your team for consistent, quick, and easy markups.


2) Markups List

Accountability is important in every job, with Bluebeam Revu every markup is traceable.  Even better, every markup is hyperlinked so you know exactly where it is in the PDF.  You can even add custom columns to create formulas for quick takeoffs or to assign jobs and track progress.  The markups list summary is exportable into a CSV, XML, or PDF file.


3) Studio

Collaborate with 500 people at once, review the same drawings, add comments and markups, all without having to leave the office or jobsite.  Use the cloud to store unlimited drawings and projects.  Record, track, and export all comments, markups, and events to a report.  What's not to like about that?


4) Compare Documents

Within seconds, Bluebeam will compare revisions of drawings and cloud the differences.  Whether those differences are lines, shapes, or text, Revu will quickly identify discrepancies and show you exactly where they are.  Need to compare two or more PDFs that are skewed or different sizes? Revu's Overlay Pages feature allows you to pick points for comparison and assign different colors to each page so you can visually see the differences.


5) Visual Search

Does the thought of being asked to count all of the sinks in a large set of drawings keep you up at night?  Revu can quickly search for symbols, hyperlink them, highlight them, and apply a count to them.  Better yet, you can search within the current sheet you're on, the entire set, or even an entire folder without having to open each document.  Your time is better spent on anything that's not a professional's "Where's Waldo".


6) Batch Link

Not a fan of having to scroll through large sets constantly?  Bluebeam Revu automatically hyperlinks sheet numbers throughout the set so you can just click and jump to the page you need without scrolling.


7) Customizable Interface and Profiles

Arrange the interface exactly the way you want it to be, keeping tools that you use most often within one click and hide tools that you don't need.  Keeping your interface neatly organized, saving you time.  Once you set up the interface and the tools that you need to conquer the review process, you can save your setting into a profile.  Standardize the review process by exporting a profile and distributing it throughout the company.


8) One-Click PDF Creation PlugIns 

Easily create PDFs from within the Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Solidworks, and SketchUp Pro with a Bluebeam PlugIn that embeds right into the program.  You can also create 3D PDFs in one click within Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, and SketchUp Pro.


9) Take Measurements Using Different Scales Within the Same PDF

If you find you're using viewports and end up with different scales on the same drawing, Bluebeam can still give accurate measurements and calibrates according to each scale.  All measurements are automatically tracked in a list that can be summarized and exported to CSV or XML.


10) Split Screen/ Sync Views

A simple way to compare documents, Bluebeam Revu allows you to split your screen up to 16 times and sync your views so you always know where you are in your drawings.