Why Choose Kal-Blue?

"Why should we choose you?  What makes Kal-Blue different?"

It's a question that makes us take a step back and reflect upon what we've built over the past 56 years...


Our Talented Team

The people who work at Kal-Blue make it all possible. Without them, no amount of technology or fancy workflows could create a successful end result. It takes a keen eye and a passion for creativity to consistently produce stunning pieces.

Always eager to learn something new or figure out a way to produce a challenging project, the team of people that we have brought together is our defining factor. We look forward to working with you to create the project you envision.


Investment in Technology

We've made investments in our technological capabilities which have allowed us to expand our services, increase our output, and opened the door to a whole new level of exciting projects. At Kal-Blue we are always looking for the latest and greatest in print and media technology, and we're always excited to pass our findings on to you.

Our production floor houses several printers including the HP PageWide 8000 high speed large format printer. We also have CNC cutters including a 5'x10' flatbed that die-cuts intricate shapes on numerous types of media. These tools together create a whole range of unique and extraordinary products and services key to producing materials that make a graphic impact.

Processes and Procedures

Something that truly differentiates us is what we do "behind the scenes."  Kal-Blue color profiling ensures that each color prints accurately and consistently between materials. This vital step is often not performed by other print shops because of the time and material needed to complete the process, however we deem it necessary because it consistently makes our prints look better.

Our printing processes contain multiple steps to ensure that your project is correctly produced. From pre-flight to production to quality control, trained Kal-Blue staff checks to make sure that each step is done accurately before proceeding to the next.


E-mail your art files to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.