HistoryKal-Blue’s history dates back to 1960. With origins in blueprinting, the company has evolved into a full-service, specialty printing, and technology resource for southwest Michigan and beyond.

Backed by a strong history within the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids communities, extensive experience, and an emphasis on reliability and teamwork, Kal-Blue is the solution for businesses, schools, and organizations looking for quality printing and superior printers and software.

The Kal-Blue team offers more than 150 years of combined experience, bringing in-house and outside expertise to all of the projects they collaborate on.

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Borgess Health

Kathy Young

President and CEO
Borgess Health

“We continue to hear accounts of changed lives, personal triumphs, and strengthened relationships resulting from the Kalamazoo Marathon. Your involvement and support makes it possible for us to touch so many lives. I hope Kal-Blue will reap the benefits of sponsorship and recognition and we look forward to your continued involvement in this successful event.”