KalBlue goes above and beyond to assure your project is uniquely yours. To make your project truly spectacular, we will fabricate custom displays from wood, metal, plastic, and more. Our goal is to set your project apart from the rest.

Fabrication services from KalBlue include:

  • Natural solid wood panels and components.
  • Custom metal brackets for displays.
  • Aluminum and plastic POP and interior displays and  mounting brackets.
  • Exterior display frames for real estate and many other uses.
  • Custom shipping crates for your graphic projects.
  • You need a custom solution that requires fabricating? Contact KalBlue.

Do you need something unique? We’re up for the challenge. Contact us today to get started!

CSM Group

Katrina Reed

CSM Group

“KalBlue, You guys are rockstars! Not only did you turn around 7 quality products, you did it in less than 6 hours.”