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We Make Spaces Inspiring and Engaging

Environmental branding includes visual elements that are incorporated into the built environment to enhance the user's experience and understanding of the space. This can include way-finding signage, informational graphics, and branding elements. Environmental branding can be used in a variety of settings such as corporate buildings and educational facilities and in both interior and exterior applications. 

Kdentity by KalBlue Group can help you bring your spaces to life.  

Why Environmental Branding Is Vital For Today's Business Culture

Modern Office

Company Culture

Your working environment, including your spaces, are a key factor to developing a thriving business culture for both your employees and clients. Do your spaces inspire success or maintain the status quo of the past?


Brand Identity

Does your team and clientele understand or believe in your brand? Consistent messaging and overall look drives brand recognition that leads to sales growth. Your spaces are key areas to utilize promoting and establishing your brand. 

Urban Modern Interior Design

Attract & Retain Talent

Today's top talent doesn't want to work in boring or static places. Your physical work space needs to be a place where people want to be. Does your office environment make your staff say WOW?


Nationwide Services

What does KalBlue Groups membership in the RMX Network mean? It means we can help you coordinate your project, event, or meeting's printed materials onsite across the US and Canada. 

A Sampling Of Our Work!


Glen Oaks Community College

Centreville, Michigan

The Glen Oaks Athletic Media room used for recruiting and team meetings was in desperate need of a renovation and update. The KalBlue Group team stepped up to take the room from drab and dated to modernly fresh. The project started with the BLUE360 Studio team working with Glen Oaks staff to completely redesign the space with updated branding, and from there the KalBlue Group project management, production, and installation teams brought the project to life.

Kellogg's Company

Chicago, Illinois

Throughout the COVID pandemic, KalBlue Group worked with Kellogg Company to create an updated brand environment for when their employees return to work. This project included updating facilities throughout the US and Canada. The Kellogg’s facility in Battle Creek included many different medias that came together to create an engaging environment that turns their brand into a showcase.


Twine Urban Winery

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Twine Urban Winery is not far from KalBlue Group. This project included exterior signage that required complex printing, intricate CNC finishing processes, custom fabrication, and onsite installation.  

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Kalamazoo, Michigan

From tickets to record setting murals, KalBlue Group helps the Kalamazoo Air Zoo with many of their visual communication needs. This world class aviation museum boasts displays representing all aspects of the history of flight and KalBlue is proud to be their partner.


EOS Worldwide

Birmingham, Michigan

KalBlue Group not only currently provides fulfillment services for all of their North American Consultants, but we also produced the environmental graphics for their Birmingham, MI physical location. EOS has a wide variety of messaging that was installed on almost every surface, from the walls to the windows.

University of Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana

KalBlue Group has partnered with Notre Dame to bring to fruition a number of projects recently, everything from dressing up food courts to large scale wall murals in their student center. Being on campus at Notre Dame is always a fun experience.


Whirlpool Corporation

Greenville, OH

For years, KalBlue Group has helped Whirlpool extend their brand across all their locations throughout the US, and their Greenville, OH plant is no exception. From the lobby entrance to the manufacturing floor, KalBlue Group has helped Whirlpool Corporation tell their story using engaging graphics in a variety of ways.

Hardings Markets

Muskegon, Michigan

Harding’s Markets is a regional grocery chain with 28 locations throughout Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. KalBlue Group partnered with their Muskegon location to bring together a brand refresh. This project included signage of all shapes and sizes that utilized a number of different medias along with our printing and CNC cutting capabilities.   

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