Our Work

At KalBlue, we believe our work speaks for itself. We invite you to explore this gallery representing a snippet of the work KalBlue has created since our inception in 1960. In that time, we’ve worked with thousands of clients in a variety of capacities and industries. Regardless of project size, we give our best effort in order to develop and maintain our clients’ trust by providing detailed, thorough project management. We value our clients and their projects.

While we aren’t afraid to step outside the box, our most requested projects include:

Not finding a specific type of project? Feel free to contact us about our capabilities or talk with a member of our team about your specific needs.

Borgess Health

Kathy Young

President and CEO
Borgess Health

“We continue to hear accounts of changed lives, personal triumphs, and strengthened relationships resulting from the Kalamazoo Marathon. Your involvement and support makes it possible for us to touch so many lives. I hope KalBlue will reap the benefits of sponsorship and recognition and we look forward to your continued involvement in this successful event.”