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The BlueVision Chronicles: It's Often, All About The Finish

Updated: May 7

What's the Difference Between Glossy and Matte Finishing?

When it comes to marketing for your company, direct mail can be a powerful tool. It helps you to increase brand awareness, connect with potential customers, advertise new products or special promotions, and stay in touch with existing customers.

73% of American consumers say they prefer brands to contact them via direct mail rather than online advertisements. Clearly, direct mail can be a useful channel, and it’s important that you learn more about how to make the most of your direct mail campaigns.

Incorporating various finishing techniques can be pivotal to ensure your mail grabs attention. Among the most common are glossy and matte finishes, each possessing distinct attributes that warrant consideration before determining the ideal choice for your next endeavor.

The Basics of Glossy vs. Matte Finish Media

Glossy Finish

A glossy finish is your best option if your vision for the piece is vivid colors and sharply defined images.

The smooth, shiny finish will give the product a characteristic shine, creating a polished and modern look. A glossy finish also has the added benefit of durability since the coating prevents scratches or scuffs in transit.

The physical texture of a print with a glossy finish will be smooth and slick to the touch. A glossy finish works well for any materials that include photos or important graphics, magazines, brochures, postcards, and most other marketing pieces.

Although it varies depending on the specific product, a glossy finish will typically have a higher cost than a matte finish since more coating is used to achieve the high-gloss effect.

Overall, a glossy finish is typically more popular for promotional pieces or marketing materials due to the eye-catching effect of the vivid colors and high-shine finish.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is the right option for you if you’re looking for a soft, muted, elegant, or classic feel for your piece. A product with a matte finish will have a physical texture that is almost velvety and more natural.

It is important to note that matte finishing typically has less durability than glossy finish. However, two benefits of using a matte finish are that products with matte finishes have reduced glare and are less prone to being smudged by fingerprints. Also, matte finishing will typically be a more affordable alternative than glossy finishing for most print projects.

Matte finishing is popular for high-end catalogs, more elegant or formal-looking marketing pieces (such as invitations), posters or art prints, business cards, and more.

Keep these things in mind when deciding which finish to use for your next printing project. Visit our website today for high-quality printing services to help you achieve your printing goals!

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