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The BlueVision Chronicles: Decals, Labels, and Stickers are effective forms of communication. They are all the rage!

Did you know it takes consumers 5 to 7 impressions to remember a brand? This is why it’s so important in marketing to create opportunities for consumers to interact with your brand name and imagery as frequently as possible. When it comes to this, there is one marketing medium that may be less traditional but is no less compelling:

Decals, labels, and stickers!

They may be small, but they are mighty! These creative pieces can be a powerful vehicle for marketing your brand. Fun, cost-effective, and easily transportable, stickers are a great token to share with current and prospective customers to help build brand recognition.

However, you must choose the right design and focus on the right tactics to utilize those stickers as best you can. Here are four helpful tips on creatively using stickers to boost your company’s image.

4 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Stickers

1. Special or Exclusive Occasions

One way to use stickers to the advantage of your company is by giving them away at strategic times. The perfect occasion for handing out your stickers would be at a grand opening or a big sale event.

As an inexpensive tangible takeaway item, stickers can easily be mass-produced and handed out at any event, including trade shows or business fairs. Distributing your stickers at high-traffic events like these will help get them into the hands of a greater number of interested customers.

You could even include a sticker along with any free samples, business cards, or coupons that you might be offering at those special events to encourage more people to bring one along with them.

2. Product Packaging

Another creative way to incorporate custom stickers into your branding is by including them with your product packaging. 

To catch consumers’ attention, there are multiple ways to use custom stickers in your packaging design: You can add branded stickers to the outside of the box or use one to seal the box, an envelope, or tissue paper wrapping.

Using a custom sticker on your product packaging will elevate and personalize the look of your product and create a more memorable experience for your customers.

3. Wall or Vehicle Decals

A unique method of utilizing custom stickers for your company branding is turning that sticker design into a decal!

Use stickers to make an eye-catching window or wall decals for your store that highlight new products, promote special discounts, or include eye-catching images associated with your company. Custom stickers are perfect for this purpose since they can be placed and removed for seasonal promotions.

You can also convert custom sticker designs into waterproof car decals or bumper stickers to turn any vehicle into a mobile ad! These can be applied to company vehicles and delivery trucks or even handed out or sold to customers.

4. Social Media Connection

Social media and digital marketing are powerful tools for connecting with customers and spreading brand awareness. One way to increase the impact of a marketing tool like custom stickers is by combining those stickers with your company’s online platforms.

There are endless possibilities as to how you can incorporate social media into your company’s custom stickers. You could hold an online contest or giveaway for those who follow your social media account, offering a bundle of stickers as the prize. On the other hand, you could encourage consumers to post photos of places where they’ve placed your stickers (water bottles, laptops, etc) on your accounts for the chance to win a contest. You could also print a QR code on your custom stickers linked to your company’s website or social media page.

For the highest-quality printed custom decals and stickers and any just about all other printed marketing materials you might need, visit the KalBlue Group website or email us at for more information.

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