KalBlue opened their doors on January 4, 1960. With founding origins focused on customer success, KalBlue has evolved into a dedicated problem solver focused on making our clients look great.


The Ultimate In Turn-Key Visual Communications Services

For years, KalBlue has witnessed first hand the challenges small businesses face getting affordable and professional creative services. Blue360 Studio is focused on helping small businesses be more creative and simplify today’s complex marketing and visual communication environment.

KalBlue Group was born in 2021 by expanding the visual communication services of KalBlue.

KalBlue -

KalBlue is a privately held visual communication company.  With founding origins focused on customer success, KalBlue has evolved into a dedicated print solutions provider focused on making our clients look great.

Founded in 1960, KalBlue has over 60 years of experience providing digital print and finishing services, technology, and project management.  KalBlue is a member of Printing United and the RMX Network.

Our culture provides the inspiration necessary to print your brand to life.  

BLUE360 Studio -

Started in 2021, BLUE360 Studio is a design studio.  With a focus on creativity, our goal is to help small businesses improve their marketing approach by providing creative solutions that help small businesses compete using today’s complex social, print, email, and website marketing platforms. 


BLUE360 Studio offers their services in two ways, a’ la carte and customizable monthly subscriptions.  


​The KalBlue Group

With over 125 years of combined industry experience, we are the resource focused on helping our clients with great visual communications. Whether it is print or digital we are here to provide turn-key solutions that help you be more creative telling your story.


The KalBlue Group serves nearly 2000 customers in 28 different market segments and has performed services in over 15 different states for businesses of all sizes including multiple Fortune 500 companies.