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In Business For 

Over 63 Years Serving Over 2000 customers

Live People To Talk To When You Need Assistance

200 Years of Combined Staff Experience

We are the expert resource focused on helping people find and
execute the best visual communication solutions possible.


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Spring Event and Tradeshow Season

Will Be Here Before You Know It. 

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Tired Of Working Late Sourcing Your Visual Communication Needs?

Get home on-time! Let us be your go-to resource for the brand materials that are critical to your business.

  • Training and Safety Manuals

  • Business Cards and Basics

  • Graphic Design

  • Presentation Boards and Posters

  • Environmental Branding

  • Event Graphics

  • Interior & Exterior Signage

  • Graphic Installations 

  • Promotional Products

  • Trade Show Graphics & Displays

  • Web2Print Fulfillment Services

  • And More!

White Waves

Four Great Services. One Powerful Resource.

Put our 200 years of combined experience and talent to work for you.
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Wide Format printing services that provide options beyond your imagination.

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Narrow Format printing services that provide endless possibilities. Business cards, forms, and more. 

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Personalized swag and merch items that super charge your brand in endless ways.

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Graphic design that simplifies your creative process to push your visuals to the next level.

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The KalBlue Group Promise

KalBlue Group guarantees customer satisfaction on everything we do.  Our team will do whatever necessary to assure our clients look their best by helping them accomplish all of their project goals.

The KalBlue Group Process

A collaborative approach to customer engagement that includes sales and operations team members working together to provide the creative services, production quality, and the delivery/installation services required to exceed client expectations every time.

Do You Want To Make Your Spaces More Appealing to Students, Employees, and Visitors?

KalBlue Group specializes in elevating the spaces where people learn, work, play, and entertain. Experiential graphics and branding immerses your students, employees, and clients, and visitoros into your culture in a way that is invigorating and fun. 


Showcase your brand personality with Environmental Branding by KalBlue Group.


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  • Does KalBlue Group offer graphic design services?
    KalBlue Group offers graphic design services as part of their BLUE360 subscription and ala carte service options!
  • How long has KalBlue Group been in business?
    KalBlue Group was founded in 1960 as Kalamazoo Blueprint. Since then we have grown and transformed into a multifaceted organization providing solutions for all aspects of visual communications.
  • Do you have Sales Consultants that can meet with me to discuss my project?
    KalBlue Group has very experienced Sales Consultants that can come to you whenever you are ready.
  • How do I send files to KalBlue Group?
    Our private file transfer process is hosted by wetransfer. Simply CLICK HERE to begin the transfer process.
  • Does KalBlue Group provide their services nationwide?
    KalBlue Group works across the nation providing many services including graphic installs, fulfillment, and many more services. We support many large organizations with locations across the nation.
  • Where is KalBlue Group headquartered?
    KalBlue Group is located in Kalamazoo Michigan. Home of many fellow historic brands past and present including Stryker, Bells Beer, Checker Cabs, Gibson Guitar, Shakespeare Fishing Co, Upjohn, and more!
  • Is KalBlue Group a marketing agency?
    KalBlue Group is not a marketing agency. We are a visual communications company that provides creative services that make you look better.
  • Why does KalBlue Group do so many things?
    Being in business for over 62 years has put us in a position to be a complete resource to our customers. We are good at what we do and continue to add more products and services based on what our loyal customers request.

Contact Us

KalBlue Group

(800) 522-0541 || (269) 349-8681

914 East Vine St, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

63 Years of Success

KalBlue Group first opened their doors in 1960. Over 63 years later, we have grown into a multifaceted visual communications organization focused on helping companies look their best! 

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