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We Streamline Your Access To Great Graphic Design

KalBlue Group’s BLUE360 program offers graphic design services on affordable monthly subscription plans. BLUE360 will infuse your staff with the talent and tools they need to be more efficient and productive while improving your graphic design process for both social media and print.


BLUE360 Subscription packages are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and can include Kinetiic print on demand marketing fulfillment systems as well.  


KalBlue Group is focused on providing affordable and easy to budget solutions to improve your creative process. 


Creative Services

BLUE360 subscription packages can include graphic design services to help you improve the quality of your printed materials and social media posts.

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Kinetiic Print On Demand

BLUE360 subscription packages can include a personalized Kinetiic web store to help improve your process of distributing marketing materials.


KBG Value Bundle

The KBG Value Bundle will round out each subscription with services that maximize each customers' investment in BLUE360.

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