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The Blue Vision Chronicles: Electrify Sales with 3 Dynamic August Promotions

As summer reaches its peak and the school year approaches, businesses have a golden opportunity to captivate customers with irresistible offers.

In this blog post, we'll explore three dynamic promotional strategies to boost your sales and foster customer loyalty designed to tap into the unique sentiments of the season, ensuring your business stands out and thrives.

3 August Promotions to Drive Customer


Don’t let August slip away without planning some late-summer specials! Here are three to consider.

1. Dog Days of Summer

Summer is for celebrating, and this sentiment makes people more likely to take advantage of late-season specials.

Like splurging on an oversized ice cream cone, August holds a sense of “why not?” As the summer season closes, offer specials like these:

  • Treat Yourself Indulgences. Highlight decadent desserts, discounted subscriptions, or tempting upgrades (to larger sizes or premium services) at no additional cost.

  • Lazy Day (August 10). Feature products or services that offer people slothful indulgence or a break from monotonous chores.

  • National Day Themes. August has many fun days, so build your promotion around one. Try Ice Cream Sandwich Day, American Family Day, National Dollar Day, or S’mores Day.

2. Last Chance Sales

Are you looking to maximize your sales and engage customers with irresistible offers? Last Chance Sales strategies are designed to create urgency, drive subscriptions, and streamline customers' lives, ensuring they return for more. Here’s how you can implement these powerful promotions.

  • Forever Summer Specials. Offer fixed rates through August next year if people lock in subscriptions or memberships by August 31.

  • Last-Chance Promos. Scarcity sells, so attach this verbiage to your merchandise or services. Use phrases like “clearance closeout,” “last-chance blowout,” or “everything must go!”

  • Simplify Your Life Week (First Week of August). Print “life hacks” direct mail pieces, magnets, or flyers related to your products or services. Help people streamline schedules, offload tedious projects/processes, or register for coaching sessions that position them for a strong fall start.

3. Back to School Specials

Update your brand image with fall colors, school themes, or exciting “starting line” ideas.

  • School Year Packages. Group anything and everything to expand sales. Consider ideas like a discounted set of haircuts, a family photo session, a holiday booking, a $15 savings on purchases over $100, or a school year bundle.   

  • Fall Maintenance Appointments. If you feature maintenance specials of any kind, offer a 10% discount for those who book September-November services before August 31.

  • Labor Day Pre-Sales. Why shop during a weekend meant for rest? Run a promotion that starts two weeks before Labor Day to give prospects more margin and to gain a lead on your competitors.

  • Teacher/Student Discounts. According to a 2022 survey, 7 in 10 Americans consider loyalty programs a leading factor in bonding with their favorite brands. Can your business offer incentives or loyalty discounts to area students and teachers? Push this perk with signs, banners, table tents, and more!

Put Marketing Projects in the Hopper Today

Ready to put your name on their Top Ten list this summer? Whether it’s a quick print promotion or a design consultation, we’ll help you inspire customer loyalty and move people to action! Contact us today for details.

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