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The Blue Vision Chronicles: Spark Summer Sales with Creative July Marketing

When school is out, baseball is on, and summer parties abound, you know it's July.

This vibrant month, a favorite of sunshine enthusiasts, marks the peak of summer. With spring storms behind us and vacations and beaches beckoning, there are countless reasons to celebrate. With its 31 beautiful days, July offers many marketing opportunities for your business, including using direct mail to reach out to your audience in a tangible, personal way.

Plan your summer sales and print marketing promotions now with these fun and engaging ideas, and you can start the month with a bang. 

4 Imaginative Marketing Ideas for July

1. Run July 4th Promotions

Tap into the patriotic spirit with themed red, white, and blue campaigns. Offer discounts or special deals tied to Independence Day. Consider slogans like:

  • "Let Savings Ring!"

  • "Celebrate America's Birthday with $17.76 Off ________"

  • "Start the 4th with a Blast!"

  • "Land of the Free Savings: Complimentary ____ with Purchase of _____"

  • "Explosive Fun for the Whole Family!"

People love this holiday, so run patriotic promotions featuring red/white/blue collections, America-themed packaging (like this cheerful Pringles can), or direct mail highlighting Independence Day events or promotions.

Other ideas include an online "Test Your American History IQ" quiz, linking each fun fact to a specific promotion, and running a "4 Days to the 4th" contest with valuable daily prizes from June 30th to July 3rd.

2. Food-Based Themes

July is Ice Cream Month and Grilling Month, and it features unique days like "Pick Blueberries Day" on July 10th and "National Avocado Day" on July 31st.

Incorporate food into your promotions to evoke joy and community. Consider campaigns tied to backyard barbecues, vibrant food graphics on postcards, or a "mom’s/dad’s best" recipe competition on social media.

3. Christmas in July

Christmas brings great joy, so why wouldn’t we replicate it in summer?

Christmas in July is a July 25th celebration aiming to get the public in the “Christmas spirit” during the northern hemisphere’s summer. To boost summer sales, create marketing campaigns around Christmas-themed activities, entertainment, or "12 Days of Savings" promos.

4. Celebrate "Everybody Deserves a Massage" Week

Recognize "Everybody Deserves a Massage Week" from  July 4th to 14th by promoting self-care and indulgence. Even if your business doesn't offer massages, you can tie into the theme with concepts like self-care splurge coupons or wellness pampering packages. Consider slogans like:

  • "Life is Hard. Let Us Take Care of the Knots."

  • "Refresh Your Body, Revitalize Your Soul."

  • "Spoil Yourself with _______ During Our July 4-14th Special."

July is a month worth celebrating, from picnics and parades to fireworks and sunsets. For all your print marketing needs, contact us to create eye-catching materials that will make your brand shine bright all month!

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