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The BlueVision Chronicles: How to Use Postcards to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Ready to accelerate sales and add new life to your next promotion?

Postcards bring an energizing, economical solution! Since postcards are so visually accessible, they are read frequently and generate significant exposure. Statistics show that 79% of people act on direct mail immediately, and 92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail to make purchasing decisions.

Postcards themselves are especially cost-effective: according to research, the average ROI for postcards is 85%. Businesses can spark considerable revenue with just one mailing when they target specific audiences and link to tailored landing pages on their website.

Five Keys for Generating Compelling, Actionable Postcards

Postcards are personal, practical, and fun, whether it’s product promotions, time-sensitive sales, or words of thanks. Get started with postcards today! Here are five considerations for generating eye-catching postcards that drive action.1. Think Outside the Rectangle

Today’s print capabilities allow you to dream and do almost anything with your postcard sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Consider tri-fold layouts, foiled or embossed accents, square promo cards, or coupons with detachable referral slips your customers can give to a friend.

2. Paint a Picture of the Problem You Can Solve 

People won’t read every word you share, so don’t bury the lead. Immediately communicate the problem your business can fix.

Center your writing, graphics, and headers around how your product can improve people’s lives.

3. Use Simple, Crisp Graphics 

The image on your postcard should be instantly recognizable.

While it may be fun to try something clever, this often confuses the audience. Since you have mere seconds to communicate an idea, your image should strongly and obviously reinforce the key sales concept.

4. Send Postcards in a Series

People can be slow to warm to new ideas, so give them time and trust the process.

For example, consider sending one postcard featuring a seasonal special and following it with a more tempting offer (like a free 30-day subscription or a $10.00 gas card for those who spend $50 in service at your auto shop).

This “rejection/retreat” tactic is a negotiating tool that elevates customers’ perceived value of your offer – making them more likely to act.

5. Add Bulleted Lists and Distinct Next Steps

Readers won’t engage with long text blocks, so shoot for punchy subheadings or bulleted items that clarify value.

Example 1: Highlight Savings

When offering volume discounts, don't just mention the discounted price; include the actual savings amount as well. This gives readers a clear understanding of the value they are getting.

For example, instead of just saying, "Save on a yearly subscription," you could say, "Get our yearly subscription for $99 - a $20.88 savings!"

Example 2: Simplify Discounts

Rather than advertising a percentage discount, make the savings more tangible for your readers by showing the price before and after.

For instance, instead of saying "25% off," you could say "Originally $125, now just $75!"

Example 3: Add Actionable Elements

When providing contact information or calls to action, make them more actionable and engaging. Instead of just listing a phone number or a website, consider adding QR codes that lead directly to a relevant webpage or include specific calls to action.

For example, instead of just saying, "Contact us for more information," you could say, "Scan this QR code to subscribe to our newsletter," or "Call today for your free consultation!"

We Can Help

If you’re new to postcard marketing, you don’t have to go it alone! Our full-service specialists can guide you through every step of the design, printing, and mailing process. Contact us today for details.

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